About the Academy

The Stellazzura Basketball academy recruits and accomodates national and foreign athletes who are willing to undergo an all-round program. The only people who participate are those who aspire to compete at the highest level in life and in basketball.

Sport culture, knowing how to win and how to lose, working hard every day and wanting to compete are the fundamental values of the academy; they are milestones to mark their life and their professional carrier as athlets in the sport industry or in any other “industry” somewhere in the world, in both cases they will make way for a new generation of academy players.

The "champions" of the academy will prove that the methods used by the academy are successful, leaving it and being formed in the body and the mind, with clear moral values to rely on, ready to enjoy their success on the court and outside, with the unequivocal brand of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy.

"Working with young athletes, italian or foreign, to give them the possibility to stand out and accomplish what they think they are ready for, is a commitment that is worth to undertake and promote. The Academy, I am convinced, will be an instrument to diffuse those values that are hard to transmit today. It's important that sports and knowledge merge and work together, as is also important that young athletes grow up with a culture in both sports and morals that will give them the means to be successful in their every day life, in whatever area they decide to work. Hard work, team spirit, respecting their opponents, the will to study and practice hard, and the will to get better: in my eyes this is what the academy means."  (Valerio Bianchini, 3 Lega A titles as Head Coach)


The Stellazzurra Basketball Academy hosts the Nike International Junior Tournament U18 every year, one of the requirements is to qualify for the Final Eight in the Euroleague. Furthermore, it participates in international tournaments in the following countries: Barcellona(Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Athens (Greece), Berlin(Germany), Vienna(Austria), Milan(Italy), Kaunas(Lituania), Belgrade(Serbia), Rome(Italy), Sarajevo(Bosnia), Cholet(France) and many more.

The Stellazzurra Basketball Academy is a project managed by a professional staff with international experiences. The staff apply their wide range of professional experience on players coming from Guinea, Brasil, Bolivia, Senegal, Kazakistan, Argentina, England, Chile, Latvia, Sweden, Serbia, Morocco and Egypt. The Academy's sports background comes from a solid base provided by Stella Azzurra (winner of the "Reverberi 2012" cup as the best youth club in Italy), that has been a guarantee in training players for an Italian and European basketball level. There are over 50 professional players who have been trained by Stella Azzurra and who actively play in various national tournaments, the most famous of all being Andrea Bargnani, the first pick in the NBA Draft and so he was the first to be chosen to play in the NBA.

Our aim is to work with the players to make them ready for a basketball career that will prepare them for the highest European and American levels and to develop their culture. One of the benefits of the Academy is the prestigious cooperation that every sector has. Regarding the sports side there will be many famous "teachers" (Coaches and athletic trainers of the highest class) that will be guests during the season and will transmit their ideas to the players. High regard will also be given to the cultural side of the players. To reach this objective tours to the most famous national and international museums will be organized. The players will also have a way to talk and meet important people who made history in sports, learning from them what it means to grow with proper values.

The athletes will be accommodated in the Academy's structures, and will attend classes in the affiliated scholastic structures. They will be developed with five key areas in mind, which are:




Monitoring of the alimentation 

Nutrition and use of natural supplements in sports

Correct nutrition and use of natural supplements as a style of life

Mental stress management

development of speed and agility

Anthropometric data

Postural analysis

Prevention and recovery of injury



Theory and practice of roles

Roles specialization

development of technical deficiencies

development of fundamentals


Dribbling (with the aid of 94Fifty software)


Automation of the body

1v1 with the ball

Moving without the ball

5v5 Tactics

Video analyzing

Automating the shot move(with the aid of 94Fifty software)



Team building

The "code" of the Academy

Cognitive processes

Self improvement

Basketball Professional Orientation

The importance of competing






Italian Championship program

School championship program

International events



Cultural Training Program(POF) of the school

Sports culture

Basketball culture

Tutoring(School Support)



Mais Onlus

Special Olympics

Volunteering for public structures

Managing a sports facility



Here you can find the official brochure with all the informations: Academy Brochure [ITA]




info@stellazzurracademy.com; stellazzurraroma@gmail.com



Here the video-presentation of the Stellazzurra Academy program: